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The World Veterans’ Federation (W.V.F.)

The W.V.F. is an international non-governmental organization grouping national associations or federations and international organizations of war veterans and victims of war, and of persons having served in the United Nations Peace – Keeping Operations, which, having in full independence of the parties and governments of their respective countries subscribed to the present constitution, pledge themselves to undertake a course of action consistent with the aims, principles and methods defined in the constitution, and in the Constitutional Rules of the Federation as well as in the resolutions of the General Assembly and of the Council. Our Association became a full member of the W.V.F. in November 1990 (48 th W.V.F. Council Meeting, 6 – 11 November 1990, Bangkok, Thailand) and takes part in all its work both at a European and International level. Our members are serving on Committees of the W.V.F. and are taking a keen interest in its activities by submitting reports and recommendations concerning the welfare and interests of war veterans.

World Veterans Federation
17, rue Nicolo,
75116 Paris

Tel. No 00331 4072 6100
Fax No 00331 4072 8058

Website : www.wvf-fmac.org


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