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(a) Regular Members. All Cypriot who served in the Cyprus Regiment, the Cyprus Volunteer Force or any other Allied Army during World War II for a period of over six months are eligible for membership.
(b) All Cypriots who served in the British Army or any other Allied Army during World War II, may become Associate Members.
(c) Persons who have offered extraordinary services towards the objects of the Association may be proclaimed Honorary Members by the General Council, on the recommendation of a District Council. In the same way, personalities who offered valuable services to the Association and enjoy general esteem and respect, may be proclaimed Honorary Presidents.
(d) Honorary Presidents may attend the meetings of the General Council or the District Councils in an advisory capacity, without the right to vote.


(a) The annual subscription of regular members is £ 1.00 (one pound).
(b) Honorary and Associate Members are exempted from the payment of subscription.
(c) Life Members, are considered those members who have paid outright the sum of £ 10.00 (ten pounds)


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