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The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (R.C.E.L.)

The R.C.E.L. is administered by a secretariat located in London . A Council of representatives from the 57 national veterans organizations serves as the governing body. Any person who has served in the military of a Commonwealth force is eligible for R.C.E.L. assistance. The primary object of the R.C.E.L. is to ensure that no Commonwealth ex-serviceman or women or their dependants shall be without help when in need. Our Association became a full member of R.C.E.L. in February 1974 (19 th R.C.E.L. Conference, 2 – 8 February 1974, Wellington, New Zealand) and takes part in its work by attending its meetings and by submitting reports and recommendations as necessary.

Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League
48 Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5JG

Tel. No 0044 207 9737263
Fax No 0044 207 9737308

Website : www.commonwealthveterans.org.uk


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