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During the last 40 years, the Association had tried to collect money and to offer financial assistance to veterans of the second world war and war widows who were in need. Street collections are planned each year on Remembrance Day (the 11th of November) and the net proceeds are given to veterans as financial assistance. From the United Kingdom we are also able to draw funds through the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (a charitable Organization) and we are currently helping some 180 applicants each year with a total of about C£ 13.000 (some 21.500 Euro or 120 Euro for each family). The amount is not very great, but it is in addition to the small pension to which these families are eligible from the Government Social Insurance Scheme and it helps with their extra needs for medication because of their advanced age.

3 Dem. Severis Avenue
Benevolent Association P. O. Box 24594
1301 Nicosia , Cyprus

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Please find enclosed a donation in support of the Benevolent Fund of your association :

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We acknowledge all donations.


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PAY TO : The Bank of Cyprus, Dem. Severis Branch, P.O.Box 21472 , 1599 Nicosia
For A/C : The Cyprus Veterans' Association W.W.II A/C No 0118 – 01 – 005618
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