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Federation Internationale des Resistants (F.I.R.)

The F.I.R. is an international non-governmental organization with offices in Berlin and accepts as members Associations of resistance fighters, of political prisoners and of victims of the Nazi-regime. The objects of the Federation are:
(a) To work for peace, democratic and social rights and human dignity.
(b) To fight against all forms of racism, political, ideological and religious discrimination, anti-semitism and against the re-emergence of Fascism and Nazism in all their forms. Our Association became a full member of F.I.R. in September 1981 (F.I.R. Council Meeting, 1 – 3 September 1981, Budapest, Hungary) and takes part in its work by attending its meetings and by submitting reports and recommendations as necessary.

Fédération Internationale des Résistants,
Franz – Mehring – Platz 1,
D – 10243 Berlin

Tel. No 0049 30 29784174
Fax No 0049 30 2978 4179

Website : www.fir.at


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